Over 300 Indian Muslim Homes, Shops Have Destroyed

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Selasa, 8 Agustus 2023 – 20:30 WIB

India – Over 300 Muslim homes and shops have been destroyed by authorities in India’s Haryana state in just four days, almost a week after a deadly attack on a mosque by a Hindu mob in a Muslim-majority district in the northern region.

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Authorities launched a demolition campaign against Muslim homes and buildings in Nuh, Haryana’s only Muslim-majority district, on Thursday.  

This follows an attack by Hindus on a mosque that killed five Muslim worshippers early last week, and another attack that killed four Muslims on a train. 

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The violence first erupted on July 31 and quickly spilled over into adjacent areas, including the business hub of Gurugram, which neighbors New Delhi. Authorities accused “illegal” tenants and shops of being involved in the attacks on Hindu processions in the district.

Para aktivis India melakukan unjuk rasa menentang kekerasan antaretnis.

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“I was heartbroken. My family and children depended on the rent we receive from the shops. We had rented out the shops to both Hindus and Muslims,” Abdul Rasheed said, adding that police locked him in a bus when a bulldozer destroyed his shop.

He said authorities “gave no notice or showed any order, and bulldozed everything.”

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pursuit of a “Hindu first” agenda since coming to power in 2014 has stoked communal tension in India. In recent years authorities in some states ruled by Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have demolished what they allege as “illegal” houses of people accused of crimes and of participating in religious clashes, many of whom Muslims.


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