North Korea Reopening Commercial Flight Lands in Beijing, Russia Soon

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Rabu, 23 Agustus 2023 – 08:00 WIB

Pyongyang – After a hiatus of three years, first international commercial of North Korea landed in Beijing on Tuesday, according to an arrival board seen by a journalist at the airport. 

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The resumption of international travel came as North Korea’s state airline, Air Koryo, successfully landed at Beijing’s Capital Airport at approximately 9:17 am local time (0117 GMT), the first flight since early 2020. The flight’s departure from the North Korean capital took place at around 8:30 am local time (2330 GMT), as per Flightradar24.

The flight designated as JS151 was seen as having arrived by an arrivals board. 

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Bandara Internasional Beijing

As information, North Korea has been largely sealed off from the outside world since early 2020, when it decided to close its borders in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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However, after three years of hiatus, there are signs that Pyongyang may be becoming more flexible when it comes to border control. 

In fact, Chinese and Russian officials attended a military parade in the North Korean capital last month. 

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In addition, last week Pyongyang also allowed a delegation of athletes to attend a taekwondo competition in Kazakhstan. 


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